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“No supplements in the world will add muscle if the proper training stimulus is not present”
If such a supplements exist in the world than muscle gain becomes easier to everyone without training hard and doing painstaking labor in the gym.
Our body needs raw material for growth like stimulating chemical process involved in the breakdown, absorption, and assimilation of nutrients.
Our digestive system is designed as real food processing unit and some glands like liver, pancreas participate in this process through producing their juices to break complex chemical structure of food into simplest form and some acids and enzymes in the jejunum stimulates the production of hormones required for the absorption of nutrients, without food these processes are interrupted and the proper assimilation of nutrients hindered.
Starchy carbohydrates contain a special complex sugar called “oligosaccharides” protects our gastrointestinal tract from colonizing of dangerous and sometimes deadly bacteria such as Salmonella and E.coli.
Oligosaccharides have shown to protect cells from the entering certain types of bacteria responsible for Pneumonia, Influenza and other serious respiratory tract infections. Scientists are now exploring the use of Oligosaccharides in the treatment of digestive disorders and other health problems.
The ability of Oligosaccharides to promote healthy bacterial growth underlines the importance of food as the source of these protective factors, in other words, you can’t obtain such factors from powdered supplements alone.
If you want to make best possible progress in your physique either lean or massive or maintaining good health, you will have to forget all supplemental diet and meal replacement programs and get back to basics that means FOOD, until unless if your higher demand for nutrients due to your sports, you may combine nutritional supplements with solid food in proper combination.   
Supplements prevent us from sports anemia, electrolyte imbalance and other conditions associated with hard training in the gym and on the track & field sports.
As well as a sportsman, the maximum need of supplements to those who are hectically engaged in business, office work and in tour & travel business, there no proper food and time are available, they can carry with them some nutritional bars, powdered supplements and in capsule form and consume them with food.
Rajesh Rathore
(Personal Trainer and Strength Coach)
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