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Importance of weight training for Women

Every woman wants to feel comfortable and happy with her appearance, what is the best way to feel confident in yourself and get the body you always dreamed of –WEIGHT TRAINING
(1) A misconception in our society is widely spreading, that weight training makes a woman muscular and vascular but in reality, pumping weights will elevate your mood by secreting endorphins, Endorphins are neurotransmitters that subside pain, improve mood, fight against depression, reduce stress & anxiety.
(2) Weight training increases BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).An increased BMR helps in fat loss and trim inches from waist, hips, and thighs. It can transform your entire body composition through EXCESS POST EXERCISE OXYGEN CONSUMPTION EFFECT (EPOC) or AFTER BURN EFFECT.
(3) After menopause, women are at a greater risk of developing osteoporosis due to the loss of calcium. Weight training increases bone density and workout can be the best defense against osteoporosis.
(4) The day to day work in daily routine life woman requires having functional strength. The best way to develop functional strength is to use unsupported compound and structural movements using free weights, these movements are easily possible in weight training. Doing unsupported compound and structural movements using free weights during weight training engages and strengthening core muscles. Additionally, doing specific core exercises helps in strengthen core muscles around the pelvis, this helps women during pregnancy.
(5) Strength training also helps them fight age related orthopedic degenerative conditions such as arthritis. Weight training not only builds stronger muscles but also builds stronger connective tissues(LIGAMENTS-joins bone to bone and TENDONS-joins muscle to bone)to improve joints stability. It strengthens the entire musculoskeletal system and prevents injuries.
(6) Weight training reduces the risk of diabetes and heart diseases, weight training increases glucose utilization in the body and improve the way to process the sugar inside the body, which may reduce the risk of having diabetes and as for as heart disease is concern, weight training lowers LDL(bad)cholesterol and increasing HDL(good)cholesterol and lowering blood pressure, when cardiovascular exercises added, these benefits are maximized.
(7) Weight training also improves posture and gives women a better aesthetic appeal. 
(8) There are two sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone) in the body, both are found in males and females in different ratios depending on gender, therefore, men are men due to the dominance of testosterone hormone and females are females due to the dominance of estrogen hormone. Testosterone is a primary anabolic muscle building hormone which is found in males in ample quantity resulting strong musculature, deep voice, and greater bone density, and in females testosterone found in negligible quantity resulting from the low level of lean muscle mass, fat gaining tendency, low bone density.

(9) Greater muscle mass is directly proportional to greater EPOC effect and greater EPOC is directly proportional to greater fat loss so we can understand why women need to take weight training seriously.
Rajesh Rathore
(Personal Trainer & Strength Coach)
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