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Bodybuilding and Fitness for longevity and good health


Dear friends, I am writing this under above heading, Please feel free to share your opinion regarding my article.
Recently a few days back a classic bodybuilder Baitollah Abbaspour passes away, a few months ago Nasser Sonbatty, Greg Kovacs, Mike Matarazzo and few more died prematurely.
Naturally, a question raises WHY?
Modern Bodybuilders are dying prematurely while they are most scientifically advance and always surrounded by technically perfect trainers, nutritionist, physicians and pharmacists on the other hand before 90's bodybuilders all things they did by the faith of trainers and by trial and errors method.
Old bodybuilders look very smart, elegant, smooth nearly absence of excessive vascularity, hard & tough, powerful and massive, like Reg Park, Bill Pearl, Gunnar Rosbo, Larry Scott, Arnold, Lou, Serge Nubret, Franco, Samir Bannout and much more, some of them lived a full life.
Modern bodybuilders look like Gorilla with ugly dimensions and symmetry, excessive vascularity, monster massiveness beyond human limit.
We all know this is all due to excessive use of " ANABOLIC ANDROGENIC STEROIDS "
Another question comes in my mind that " How they clear Dope Test "
Where Anti-Doping Agencies gone.
This should be burning issue in the fitness industry.
Please share your comment.


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