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Importance of weight training for Women

Every woman wants to feel comfortable and happy with her appearance, what is the best way to feel confident in yourself and get the body you always dreamed of –WEIGHT TRAINING (1) A misconception in our society is widely spreading, that weight training makes a woman muscular and vascular but in reality, pumping weights will elevate your mood by secreting endorphins, Endorphins are neurotransmitters that subside pain, improve mood, fight against depression, reduce stress & anxiety. (2) Weight training increases BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).An increased BMR helps in fat loss and trim inches from waist, hips, and thighs. It can transform your entire body composition through EXCESS POST EXERCISE OXYGEN CONSUMPTION EFFECT (EPOC) or AFTER BURN EFFECT. (3) After menopause, women are at a greater risk of developing osteoporosis due to the loss of calcium. Weight training increases bone density and workout can be the best defense against osteoporosis. (4) The day to day work in daily routin…

Your Body & Your Fitness

We can’t enjoy being overweight, tired and under constant stress A strong healthy heart and efficient lungs are the foundation of a fit and healthy lifestyle. The most basic measure of your fitness is the way your heart performs. The heart is a muscular organ whose contraction pumps blood to the whole body and deliver the oxygen. Defining fitness is more problematic, there are many different kinds of fitness, A physician may define it as the absence of disease. An athlete may rate fitness according to the amount of musculature developed. Other individuals  perceive fitness as  the ability to perform certain sports skills or the body’s strength,stamina,endurance and flexibility, but the most comprehensive definition has been given by the American medical association, which defines physical fitness as the general capacity to adopt and respond favorably to physical effort, in simple words a person who is capable of doing his daily work safely and efficiently without being overly fatig…


“No supplements in the world will add muscle if the proper training stimulus is not present” If such a supplements exist in the world than muscle gain becomes easier to everyone without training hard and doing painstaking labor in the gym. Our body needs raw material for growth like stimulating chemical process involved in the breakdown, absorption, and assimilation of nutrients. Our digestive system is designed as real food processing unit and some glands like liver, pancreas participate in this process through producing their juices to break complex chemical structure of food into simplest form and some acids and enzymes in the jejunum stimulates the production of hormones required for the absorption of nutrients, without food these processes are interrupted and the proper assimilation of nutrients hindered. Starchy carbohydrates contain a special complex sugar called “oligosaccharides” protects our gastrointestinal tract from colonizing of dangerous and sometimes deadly bacteria s…

Importance of eating five to six meals every day

After about 3 hours without eating, blood sugar level begins to fall from its normal range and after 4 hours, body has digested whatever we eat earlier and after 5 hours body goes into starvation mode and symptoms are a headache, mood changes, fatigue, dizziness, blurry vision, confusion, dilated pupil, tremor, lack of concentration, nervousness, fast heartbeat and feeling anxious and at the same time simultaneously body’s storing mode switch is on, in this condition whatever we eat good or bad a new conflict arises in the body between to convert food into energy or to store for future starvation, in this situation a very limited food converts into energy instead of complete food and a big part of food stores into fat cells and we notice that we over consume foodstuff in this situation, so never starve your body, that is why breakfast is so important after 7-8 hours of sleep without food and eat small frequent meals throughout the day for steady supply of nutrients  to your brain and …

Basics of weight training

   BASIC RULES FOR MAXIMUM MUSCLE GAIN For attaining maximum benefit from weight training, your training program must be based on fundamental principles. This is the key for laying basic foundation for maximum gains. I am going to explain some primary steps of basic training. First, warmup should be done thoroughly with some free hand exercises. Warm up dilates the blood vessels to increase blood flow to each and every muscle fiber. Secondly, do some stretching (Dynamic-slow and rhythmic) exercises for each and every muscle group for achieving maximum flexibility around the joint. I see most of the guys in the gyms; they don’t want expense some time for starching even after knowing its importance in sports. Mobility or dynamic drills for activation of synovial fluid between joints. Now, very light and slow aerobic movements, as the name indicates “ those exercise which is performed in open air” because this is the time when your blood gets maximum oxygen from air and this type of activity w…



Gary Kasparov (Former world chess champion) wrote-even one day before world championship,I did rigorous physical training equivalent to Olympic athlete.
A common man generally co-relate physical training to build huge amount of muscles and females afraid of loosing femininity,this is big misconception spread around us.
In physical training we train our self for better movements & mobility of our joints, increase muscle flexibility,to nourish each & every cell of our body with oxygen,through exercise we can treat some medical conditions like insomnia,bulimia,anorexia narvosa,acidosis, metabolic disorders,fatigue,feeling of energy deficiency and especially endocrinological problems ( hormonal imbalance).Doing exercise not heavy workout some beneficial byproducts come out like FAT LOSS and correct posture and healthy eating habits.
Physical fitness is a part of Wellness program.Wellness program consist …

Bodybuilding and Fitness for longevity and good health


Dear friends, I am writing this under above heading, Please feel free to share your opinion regarding my article.
Recently a few days back a classic bodybuilder Baitollah Abbaspour passes away, a few months ago Nasser Sonbatty, Greg Kovacs, Mike Matarazzo and few more died prematurely.
Naturally, a question raises WHY?
Modern Bodybuilders are dying prematurely while they are most scientifically advance and always surrounded by technically perfect trainers, nutritionist, physicians and pharmacists on the other hand before 90's bodybuilders all things they did by the faith of trainers and by trial and errors method.
Old bodybuilders look very smart, elegant, smooth nearly absence of excessive vascularity, hard & tough, powerful and massive, like Reg Park, Bill Pearl, Gunnar Rosbo, Larry Scott, Arnold, Lou, Serge Nubret, Franco, Samir Bannout and much more, some of them lived a full life.
Modern bodybuild…